Software Development Success Story – Dilo en señas

The Dilo en Señas mobile application was created thanks to Rocío Garza Gutiérrez. This project came about after she met her current partner José Gerardo Monsiváis González (who is deaf). She wanted to make something that would help people who have hearing impairments. This idea took place in Monterrey and was developed in Guadalajara by Jaguar Labs.


Rocio Garza worked in a company for 15 years where she met Gerardo who began working on projects directly with her. This is how Rocio, little by little, started to get to know and understand the world of the deaf.

People who don’t have difficulties hearing, have no idea the types of injustices deaf people live day by day. It isn’t until you have a deaf person close to you that you start to understand, although you may never know the full extent to the struggles.

This is why Rocio decided to start investigating, buying books, and learning about the deaf community. Afterwards she got a doctorate in Inclusive Education and based her thesis on the deaf disability.

How could she help the deaf community?

Rocio had the idea of helping this community, at first she wanted the help to revolve around the inclusion of the deaf community in the working world. However, as she continued her investigation it was apparent that the main issue deaf people in Mexico face is in the development of the Mexican sign language. If a person, deaf or not deaf, does not gain the correct language development in the first stages of their life, this could have a huge affect in their educational, cognitive, social, and working development. If this situation has an affect on kids that aren’t death, imagine the impact on someone with a hearing impairment.

When deaf kids are born in a family with other deaf members, they usually have access to sign language from day 0, however, 95% of deaf kids are born in families without hearing impairments, for which they loose this valuable process of learning the sign language. 

“Dilo en señas” is a game that allows people to learn the Mexican Sign Language (LSM). It was designed for kids but anyone can play!” – Rocio Garza

Rocio had the general idea of a mobile application for sharing the Mexican Sign Language. After participating in an event called “Posible 2015” she met her mentor Sabrina Betancourt, whom she shared her idea with. Sabrina helped Rocio find Jaguar Labs a software development company who decided to invest in this first phase of the application.

“For us it is incredible that Jaguar Labs was able to trust us enough to create the first version of Dilo en Señas” – Rocio Garza

There have been plans for launching new content for various months but due to a variety of reasons this has been postponed. Once areas like legal, administration, and others become more steady they hope we can add a new category every month.

In all this time plans have changed, kind of like what happened in Shark Tank, Dilo en señas turned out to have a much larger destiny.

“Ever Since Genaro believed in us and bet on this project it was incredible; we have been working really hard with the team, and everyone has been very professional. The tool is impeccable, the quality very high, it hasn’t had any errors or problems. There has also been an excellent communication from the team we worked with. There have been some small differences that we’ve had but we always end up finding the best solution and we have always felt the support from Jaguar Labs and their empathy towards wanting to help the community.” – Rocio Garza

Since the project has begun there have been many suggestions made for changes but they know it’s important to advance with a solid base and they hope everything will turn out for the best.

“Jaguar Labs is a very transparent company where collaboration is always happening, where everyone’s opinions matter, where they care a lot for their employees; from the beginning you can see the mutual trust between the employees and the managers, it’s a very fun work place…” – Rocio Garza

“I completely believe that everything can be done in a virtual manner. Due to the competency of the technology and tools, everything has been perfect, the experience has been great and we have not had any problems working with Jaguar Labs from a far.” – Rocio Garza 

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