Wearables. What makes them so popular?


“Wearables and Exercise Apps,” are fitness technologies that go above and beyond just fashion.


With so much technological innovation and the increasing importance people hold to being fit, big companies are betting towards their newest line of products, Wearables and their complementary apps. These are having a huge impact in the world of sports and health.

Today fitness technologies have been very profitable for businesses; Millions of people go out to do exercise wearing “fitness” bracelets, “smart watches”, “hoverboards”, and other “Wearables”.

Throughout the many changes of our globalized world, fitness and health apps have provided many benefits to their users, with the purpose of helping them control and better their health.

To complement these apps, the use of “Wearables” is recommended, but what exactly are Wearables? Wearables reference different types of devices that have a microprocessor and are placed on some part of the body, allowing them to move and continuously interact with the user.

Some examples are intelligent watches or smart watches that are bracelets that monitor our health, and athletic shoes that have GPS technologies incorporated into them. The diverse types of Wearables that can be found are wide and year by year this product line is expanding.

Today in the health and fitness world it is rare not to find a Wearable, whether it’s a smart watch counting a person steps or an exercise band identifying whether you are running, biking, or walking. Without a doubt, Wearables are the ideal complement to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

All of this, makes Wearables and exercise apps a trend not just due to the fact that they are an innovative technology or fashionable, but because they offer users so much more. Big companies are betting that Wearables will not only be used in the health and fitness market, but also many other markets including marketing, publicity, and logistics. Organizations need to better their processes by including some indispensable Wearables.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to figure out how Wearables and an app can benefit your business!

Written by:
Stephany Cazares
Marketing Intern
Jaguar Labs Mobile Developers

Translated by:
Sofia Fernandez
Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Jaguar Labs Mobile Developers


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