Nearshore Mexico – A Strategic Alliance Success Story

Nearshore Mexico a California consulting company focused on helping U.S. companies outsource their project development and engineering needs connects with software development company in Guadalajara, Mexico to provide customers with great mobile and web solutions.


Herb Sarnoff, co-founder and CEO of Nearshore Mexico, met his business partner Gustavo Guillemin in 1993 while doing an internship at Hewlett Packard in Guadalajara. Twenty years later, after each had spent over two decades managing cross border project development and growing companies, they decided to use their combined knowledge and experience to start this consulting company focused on assisting U.S. companies to outsource engineering and other projects to Mexico.  In Herb’s opinion, “Working in and with Mexico has always had challenges in terms of business efficiencies and bureaucracy, but this has consistently improved over the years, and the dedication and creativity of the engineers has always surpassed my expectations. Engineers in Mexico today are motivated and excited to learn, and are fully capable of delivering world-class solutions.”


Nearshore Mexico’s success began in February, 2013 when they introduced their first U.S. customer to their new strategic alliance partner Jaguar Labs, a software development company specializing in web and mobile development.  “Mobile App development in Mexico is a natural fit given all the benefits of near shoring vs. outsourcing to India or China. The benefits of Nearshoring in Mexico are clear: cost, closeness, creativity, and cultural fit. There may be a slightly lower hourly cost available in India, but once you factor in cultural disconnects, time zone issues, miscommunication, etc…, doing business in Mexico just makes more sense, especially for small to mid-sized programs or for companies new to outsourcing” expressed Mr. Sarnoff.


Over the last three years, Jaguar Labs and Nearshore Mexico have successfully partnered with over a dozen software development programs for U.S. clients, and have continued to build on this strategic alliance.  When asked about their experience during these three years Mr. Sarnoff noted, Jaguar Labs has continued to develop and mature over the past three years, learning to communicate better on these cross-border projects, improving its core programming and technology knowledge while developing the needed project management tools and infrastructure. Jaguar Labs has now proven they are fully capable of successful cross-border software development.”


One reason behind this ongoing successful strategic partnership is both organization’s strong belief that ‘customer satisfaction’ is the absolute top priority.  In order to assure Jaguar Labs is meeting the needs of its U.S.-based customers, Nearshore Mexico remains connected and available as a facilitator throughout the entire development process, from requirements definition to final project delivery. Jaguar Labs, understanding the importance of constant and clear communication when working with companies in the U.S., continues their English education and has fully embraced infrastructure and methodologies such as SCRUM and SKYPE that help their customers feel as if they are working with a partner next door.  According to Mr. Sarnoff, “Our customers have been very successful working with Jaguar Labs to develop their mobile and integrated web applications. The creativity and dedication of the Jaguar Labs team has been constantly cited as their core strength.”


Jaguar Labs and Nearshore Mexico continue to work together, recognizing that their own success is fully dependent on bringing success to their U.S. based clients.  As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

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